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How counselling can help

I work as an integrative counsellor and this means that I combine several different therapeutic approaches tailored for each individual client and their particular circumstances. By attending counselling you can gain more understanding and awareness of what might be causing problems for you and learn coping skills and strategies to help you move forward in your life.


Experiencing anxiety is part of being human. However when it dominates or overwhelms, it can affect your ability to function on a day to day basis. Counselling and psychotherapy helps by increasing your understanding of how anxiety can affect the mind and body and exploring what might be contributing to it. Then you can work on ways to manage better and cope with challenges in your present everyday life.


In life we can be faced with many difficulties. These might include relationship problems, work or financial pressure, family conflicts or parenting challenges and we feel stress when trying to deal with these difficulties. Changes happen in our bodies and our ability to think clearly can often be impacted. You may even have unhealthy ways of relieving stress. Learn what stress is and understand how it can affect you. Discover new ways of responding to it so that you can manage stressful situations more effectively in the future.


Feeling low and experiencing sadness happens. However when a low feeling persists it can be debilitating and affect how we feel about ourselves and others. It can affect you in many ways including feeling like you are weighed down, not wanting to get out of bed, withdrawing from family and friends, not taking care of yourself, finding it difficult to experience any sense of joy, losing interest in things you used to enjoy doing and having suicidal thoughts. Exploring your feelings in counselling and psychotherapy and expressing how experiences have affected you can be beneficial. Examining your thoughts can facilitate personal growth while employing other strategies can help you work through depression.


Feeling anger is normal but acting out of it can often cause problems. Regulating your emotions might be something you have struggled with in life. Get help to identify triggers of your anger and to become more aware of where they might originate.  In counselling and psychotherapy you can learn skills to address moments when you feel overwhelmed with anger so that situations that might trigger anger can be navigated more effectively resulting in better outcomes.

Grief & Loss

Being separated from a loved one be it a partner, family member or friend through bereavement is a painful experience that affects every individual in many different ways. Having the supportive space to begin to make sense of what it means to lose that person and working through the overwhelming feelings that arise can be beneficial and can facilitate the healing process, helping you through the grief. Grieving can also be coming to terms with endings such as a relationship, a job or a way of living. Counselling can support you as you adjust to profound changes in your life.


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